Blog #1: Origins

Hi everyone, welcome to the TREADRUNNERS blog!! Check back regularly for musings on all things running as well as tips and information to help you achieve your best running self. Today’s topic is the origins of TREADRUNNERS, including my background and the evolution of the model.

An early race, FrancoRun 2008

Where to start. Well I’ve always been interested in fitness and the human body. Growing up I was an active kid, participating in a variety of sports but never really finding my niche. In high school I got into weight lifting and eventually completed an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology, or the science of human movement. Running didn’t really come onto the scene until late in my undergraduate career when my then girlfriend (now wife) decided to sign up for a half marathon. I needed a new challenge so signed up with her, not realizing the impact of what we were about to do would have in our lives.

Competing at the 2017 Cornwall Run to End MS

Fast forward to the race and like any newbies to running, we did a lot of the faux pás’s I now

correct with novice runners, but we were hooked. This first race snowballed into a variety of others, including a few years of triathlon and ultra trail racing for me. All along I honed my skills across training, nutrition and recovery to become fairly competitive. I also pursued a Masters and profession in physiotherapy, so had the unique opportunity to combine my passion with my profession. I am able to offer a unique running assessment and rehabilitation practice that drew on my education and practical experience.

TREADRUNNERS in-person sessions at Agility Physiotherapy

Over the course of my triathlon venture, I came across a program called Powerwatts, an indoor cycling studio with structured workouts to improve performance. Seeing the gains I achieved from this format, I got to thinking why nothing of this sort existed with running. As I slowly began to unpack the idea, the treadmill seemed an appropriate medium for a consistent environment to monitor and progress training. I further developed a structure based on some of the best running related research to ensure appropriate physiological adaptation. I also played around with a few different iterations of the program, everything from live feed group training workouts to in-person sessions, but finally settled into an online format that is the modern day TREADRUNNERS. This structure allows for the most wide reaching access to the program regardless of location as well as the development of an online running community.

And here we are!! Treadrunners officially launched November, 2019 and I’m excited to explore this process, build the TREADRUNNERS community and help others become the best runners they can be!!





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