How it Works


Let's face it, treadmill running can be pretty boring. You cruise along staring at the same piece of drywall while time seems to creep by ever so slowly. You stagnate with your fitness and eventually get so bored that the treadmill simply becomes an expensive clothes drying rack.


Enter TREADRUNNERS, a high intensity interval training (HIIT) system designed to make you a better runner. Put your time on the 'mill to better use with our dynamic workouts that help you crush your goals. Created and 'run' (pun intended) by Tanner Gervais, a registered physiotherapist in Ottawa, Canada with 10+ years running experience, each training session is research driven to improve running performance. The workouts follow a familiar format including a warmup, main set, and cool down according to the following parameters: 


(RPE= Rating of Perceived Exertion)


Therefore, a training session that focuses on STRENGTH (STR) efforts will improve your lactate threshold. Intervals will reflect this training intensity and are calculated based on your Time Trial (TT) results (see below). TREADRUNNERS workouts are structured for those with some running experience and can run for approximately 45 minutes. Therefore, new runners or those starting back after a significant period off should first build up their running tolerance for 4-8 weeks to minimize injury risk and prepare their body for harder efforts.

TREADRUNNERS workouts ideally are to be performed on the treadmill for a consistent training environment, however can be performed outdoors as well. Incline adjusted paces (IAPs) are also provided to ensure appropriate training intensities are maintained. Workouts should be performed a maximum of 1-2x/week and can function as stand-alone sessions or be incorporated into one of our challenging training programs. All treadmill sessions should be performed at a 1% grade unless otherwise indicated. 




Training intensities are calculated based on a MAX EFFORT 5km Time Trial (TT). Average pace/kilometer is used to calculate Running Threshold Pace (RTP) which guides workout intensities. This TT should be repeated every 6-8 weeks of consistent training to adjust paces and ensure continued progress. 

Workout intensities should also take into consideration RPE, particularly if being performed outside. Temperature, fatigue, nutrition, etc. can all have an effect on training effort and should be adjusted accordingly. For example, the RTP calculation above would correspond to a 5:45 STR training pace, however a stressful week at work, poor sleep quality and dehydration may make this 8-9/10 effort feel much harder. As such, pace should be slowed somewhat to correlate with the appropriate RPE.



TREADRUNNERS also offers novice, intermediate and advanced training programs for the half and full marathon distance. Workouts are incorporated into the plans to target the development of all physiological systems in addition to base mileage. This ensures the most well-rounded development of running economy and highest chance for success at each race distance.


Try one of our sample workouts here to see if TREADRUNNERS is right for you!



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